Lubrication Requirements with Castrol Alpha SP 150 S

Meet Your Lubrication Requirements with Castrol Alpha SP 150 S Provided by ILS


Meet all your lubrication requirements with the premium quality extreme pressures industrial gear oil Alpha SP 150 S Castrol provided by ILS. The lubricant has the capability to address most demanding needs of the new generation gear boxes used by you. Blended from solvent refined base mineral oils with additives like sulphur and phosphorous the lubricant has amazing efficiency and protective capabilities.


The lubricants can withstand extreme pressure and provides excellent thermal stability. In result the gears in your engines remain safe and become less vulnerable to the wears and tears occurring due to consistent use.


Castrol Alpha SP 150 S is designed to meet all the lubrication requirements of the enclosed gear drives in different industrial machineries giving them excellent protection from damages. Te lubricant works well under heavy through shock load conditioning.

Buy Best Industrial Lubricants like Castrol Alphasyn PG 150

Buy Best Industrial and Automotive Lubricants like Castrol Alphasyn PG 150 at ILS


ILS provides for you Castrol Alphasyn PG 150, one of the best lubricants in the automotive industry. The synthetic lubricant is rated among the best gear oils and can protect your machineries against wear and tear even in most adverse environments. It is antioxidant, rust inhibitor, extreme pressure lubricant that works best in varied range of loads and temperatures.

This product is ideal for worm reduction gear boxes and improves their efficiency while reducing the power consumption. It also reduces the operating temperature and thus enhances the life span of the gear systems.

ILS is the ideal provider of best quality industrial and automotive lubricants. All products are certified and genuine and can enhance the efficiency and longevity of the equipments on which they are used.

Buy Premier Quality Extreme Pressure Gear Lubricant Castrol Alpha SP 100

ILS offers premier quality extreme pressure gear oil Castrol Alpha SP 100 for you in different volumes. The lubricant is ideal for all new generation gear drives associated with different types of heavy industrial machinery. The lubricant provides excellent protection for your machineries and gives them long and fault-free life.

The lubricants is blended product of solvent and refined base mineral oils with sulphur and phosphorus additives that enhance its protective power and longevity and gives it excellent thermal stability. The product also has low foaming and good demulsibility.

Castrol Alpha SP 68 is also high power mineral based lubricant that you can buy from us. The high pressure lubricant works well with a wide range of loads and temperature levels giving your equipments excellent protection against wear and tear.





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