Zinc Free HLP Type Lubricants Aral Hydraulikol HLP 46

Zinc Free HLP Type Lubricants Aral Hydraulikol HLP 46 at ILS


ILS offers zinc free HLP type lubricants Aral Hydraulikol HLP 46 for you which is high performance hydraulic oil. It conforms to DIN 51524-2 requirements and leaves a large margin of reserve. The hydraulic lubricants gives excellent protection to equipments over a wide range of loads with exceptional air and water separating capabilities.

The lubricants prevents corrosion and minimizes foaming tendencies in fluids. It has good sealing consistency and has high ageing stability as well. This hydraulic lubricants has proven reliability and universal applicability. It has high resistance to the reduction in the volume under pressure and low rate of viscosity change with temperature.

Hydraulic lubricant oil provided by ILS assumes the dual role of lubricants and powerhouse extending all parts of the hydraulic system fast.

Quality Hydraulic Oil in Australia

Approach a Reputed Company for Quality Hydraulic Oil in Australia


If your machine’s performance dependence on its hydraulic system then you need to ensure that you use paramount quality of hydraulic oil in your machine. Your choice of oil plays a significant role in the performance of the system. So, you need to ensure that you find a reputed company that offers perfect solution for hydraulic oil in Australia.

It is easy to find such company in this digital era. You can get it done in no time with the use of the internet. You need to choose the oil that enhance the machine’s life by providing good protection against wear and corrosion.

You can also find fully synthetic oils from the same company as such company caters multiple requirement of lubricants. You can check the available brands with the company and place the order as per your requirement. Usually, when you approach a reputed company, you get to choose from the top brands and so you don’t have to compromise with the quality.





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