Reduce Wear and Tear of Your Machineries with Castrol Alphasyn PG 320 at ILS


Reduce the levels of wear and tear occurring due to extreme pressure on your machineries with antioxidant extreme pressure lubricant Castrol Alphasyn PG 320 offered by ILS. The lubricants offers excellent thermal stability and works best for all your worm reduction gear boxes. In addition to providing protection against wear and tear the lubricant also reduces power consumption and operating temperature.

The lubricants has high viscosity index due to use of PAG base stock and low pour points. It also meets the requirements of most OEMs that allow use of PAG based gear oils.

ILS also offers high quality extreme pressure gear oils like Castrol Alpha SP 320 that also has the capability of providing best protection to all new generation gears in industrial machineries. Buy these products from us and remain tension free about protection and maintenance of your machineries.