Total Seriola ETA 32


Total Seriola ETA 32 Is a mineral based heat transfer fluid.




  • Heating of domestic and industrial premises,
  • Production of steam and hot water,
  • Air conditionning,
  • Temperature control for storage bins,
  • Heating by heat exchange,
  • All types of systems (piping, pumps, etc…),
  • Heating of heat treatment baths, autoclaves, reaction vessels, furnaces, dies, tunnel driers, injection moulding machines, etc…,
  • Manufacturing processes (cement works, paper mills, timber industry, etc…).



International standards


  • ISO 6743/12 class L family QC
  • SERIOLA ETA 32 is approved by the french health Direction for drinking water thermal treatment.




Long life Low circuit deposits formation, slow warming time


  • Compared to conventionnal fluids SERIOLA ETA has an excellent resistance to thermal cracking.
  • Low viscosity of SERIOLA ETA 32 allows fast rise in flow during starting periods.
  • Static and dynamic deterioration tests have shown that at test temperatures exceeding 340 °C, the following results were obtained using SERIOLA ETA in comparison with other heat transfer mediums available:
    – weight of deposits was 10 to 20 times lower,
    – rate of production of light fractions was cut by half.
    The joint effect of these advantages was that the life of the fluid itself and that of the
    installation were increased.


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