Long life Antifreeze

GLACELF SUPRA is a «long life» antifreeze formulated from an extremely pure monoethylene glycol base and containing organic corrosion inhibitors. Its unique environment friendly formula is completly free from phosphates, amines, nitrites and boron.


  • Industrial Diesel and gas engines cooling requiring a freezing protection from -18°C to -50°C according to the dilution (see table below).
  • It’s preferable to use a « light hardness » water even if laboratory tests results wereobtained with a 20 °TH hardness water.
  • Before refilling a circuit that previously contained another fluid, it is strongly recommended to rinse the circuit to avoid altering the properties of the product. It is essential to blend mechanically the antifreeze with the water to ensure a perfectmixing.
  • GLACELF SUPRA should be diluted in water before use to provide a permanent fluid that can be employed all year round. The proportion of GLACELF SUPRA can be adjusted to obtain the desired protection against frost:

The GLACELF SUPRA exceptionnal thermal stability eliminates the risks of minerals deposits particularly near the hot parts: liners top, cylinder heads, heat exchanger tubes, heating resistance.

This ensure:
– heat transfer conservation
– fluid performances conservation
– piping erosion risks (due to hard deposits circulation) suppression
– circuit cleanliness
– extended temperature sensitive components life time.


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