Total Fluidmatic MV LV


Total Fluidmatic MV LV Is a automatic transmission fluid.




FLUIDMATIC MV LV is an innovative automatic transmission fluid based on an advanced synthetic technology allowing very high performance. It offers fuel economies thanks to low viscosity. This lubricant has been developed to meet the needs of modern transmission where higher efficiency is required. It is a low viscosity formulation that meets the more demanded OEM specifications.
FLUIDMATIC MV LV is recommended for use in the latest generation of high efficiency 6-speed automatic transmissions with
longer fluid life capabilities and heavier load capacities. .




  • Exceptional friction and anti-shudder performances: Fluidmatic MV LV has been formulated with selected viscosity modifiers which provide excellent friction characteristics. These improve driver’s comfort with smooth and efficient shifting without shudder.
  • Excellent viscosity stability in operation: Fluidmatic MV LV has been properly formulated to remain shear stable over time providing extended life time of the fluid.
  • Fuel economy: Its low viscosity formulation and excellent low temperature performance provide intended fuel economy benefits.
  • Outstanding film-strength and anti-wear properties which provide a perfect lubrification all over time and protection of the transmission
  • Enhanced thermal stability and oxidation resistance: Its high quality synthetic base oils and superior anti-oxidant and detergent additives provide a very good oxidation control of the fluid over time even in very severe conditions.
  • Very good foaming control
  • Excellent parts material compatibility


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