Total Finasol MF


Total Finasol MF Is a multipurpose cleaning product.


Multipurpose emulsifiable degreaser

  • Cleaning of vehicle engines and chassis
  • Cleaning of cement or tiled floors in workshops, industrial plants, car parks, garages and services stations
  • Cleaning of lubrication bays and pits
  • Cleaning of oil-fired boilerhouse floors and petroleum product storage areas
  • Cleaning of civil engineering plant and equipment
  • Removing of tar stains of bodyword
  • Cleaning of machine tools and machine parts
  • Removing of anti-rust protection coatings
  • Cleaning of brushes and tools used for paintings

Before long applications, make a prior compatibility test on sensitive materials. Ensure that solvent-sensitive engine parts (seals, hoses, etc.) are protected before application.

  • TOTAL FINASOL MF is a multipurpose cleaning product. It eliminates greases and oils (even used oils), carbon waste and all organic and inorganic pollutions.
  • TOTAL FINASOL MF can be applied by spraying, to clean extensive difficult to reach surfaces, by daubing, in the case of localised stains, by soaking, or by brushing in the case of heavily soiled parts.
  • The penetrating power and hence efficiency of TOTAL FINASOL MF is reduced if diluted before use. Using brushing facilitates solvent penetration into the stain and allows faster and effective cleaning.


TOTAL FINASOL MF seeps easily and quickly through the stains coating and facilitates:

· The complete dissolving of oily pollutions
· The detachment of insoluble components.


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