Tellus S2 MA 10


SHELL Tellus S2 MA 10 is a Hydraulic Fluid.


Shell Tellus S2 MA fluids are high performance detergent based hydraulic fluids for use where emusifiable fluids are preferred.
Using proven ashless anti-wear technology they provide reliable performance in applications where contamination by aqueous
fluids, such as cutting fluids, or where cleanliness or control of solid contaminants is important.


Performance, Features & Benefits
Protection in severe environments
The established detergent and modern ashless anti-wear technology in  Shell Tellus S2 MA fluids  provides extra protection in
challenging environments by:
–  Preventing water accumulation
–  Dispersing solid contaminants
–  Preventing corrosion in presence of water
–  Providing low-friction anti-wear performance
Outstanding anti-wear and load-carrying properties in hydraulic and geared systems, especially under high load and low speed
boundary lubrication conditions are demonstrated by the high Brugger and FZG load values.

Fluid life – Maintenance saving
Shell Tellus MA fluids have good resistance to thermal and chemical breakdown to ensure consistent performance and protection
throughout the fluid drain interval.

Maintaining system efficiency
Superior cleanliness in severe environments helps keep the hydraulic system functioning efficiently. This is supported by excellent
air release and anti-foam characteristics. In addition, Shell Tellus S2 MA provides excellent filterability allowing the use of fine filters
for extra protection and long equipment life.
Smooth operation of the hydraulic system is supported by the low-friction additive system that helps reduce stick-slip behaviour
under high loads or poorly lubricated contacts.


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