Shell Spirax S6 ATF VM


Premium Synthetic Technology Voith Long Drain Automatic Transmission Fluid


Shell Spirax S6 ATF VM Oil is a premium performance, heavy-duty synthetic-blend automatic transmission fluid specifically designed for use in Voith Turbo transmissions. Spirax S6 ATF VM is recommended for extended oil drain intervals in the DIWA.5 transmissions for 180,000km, while it is also suitable for DIWA.3E and older DIWA transmissions at the extended oil drain interval of 120,000km.


Performance, Features & Benefits

State-of-the-art technology


  • Shell Spirax S6 ATF VM has been developed with state-of-theart additive technology and a blend of synthetic and mineral oils in conjunction with Voith hardware, to insure the utmost in Voith transmission performance.
Maximum oil drain interval potential


  • This technology developed specifically for Voith transmissions, allows for the maximum oil drain intervals in DIWA.5 transmissions under all operating conditions. This will allow fleets the versatility to use one product for all Voith heavy-duty automatic transmissions.


Extremely low temperature fluidity


  • The physical characteristics provided by the additive technology and base fluid allows for extremely low
    temperature fluidity, further protecting the transmission components from premature wear under extreme cold operating conditions.


Shift comfort and maintenance costs


  • The combination of these features and benefits translate into smooth shifting comfort, and lower maintenance cost due to extended drain intervals and transmission component life.


Main Applications


Heavy duty automatic transmissions


Shell Spirax S6 ATF VM is a specifically developed product for Voith Turbo heavy-duty transmissions used in various applications, including public transport, highway and city trucking.


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