Shell Spirax S4 TX


Shell Spirax S4 TX is a Premium Performance, SAE 10W-40, Universal Tractor Oil.


Shell Spirax S4 TX Oil is ‘Super Tractor Oil Universal’ (STOU) oil based on Shell’s XHVI base oil technology and an
advanced additive package. Spirax S4 TX gives superior performance in engine, transmission and hydraulic applications for a wide range of agricultural equipment and applications.r Oil


Performance, Features & Benefits


Practical, convenient and multi-functional
  • Shell Spirax S4 TX is a superior, high performance multipurpose oil for suitable for most lubricant applications around the farm.


High performance


  • The high performance capabilities of Spirax S4 TX can lead to a substantial increase in the life of all mechanical components. Use of XHVI base oils and shear stable additive protection against viscosity breakdown that is superior to most products in it’s class. Full bodied Spirax S4 TX helps to prevent metal fatigue and early wear of all working parts.


Engine cleanliness


  • The incorporation of Shell XHVI minimises the need for polymers to improve viscosity/temperature characteristics. Such polymers are known to have an adverse effect on engine cleanliness. The use of Spirax S4 TX can lead to significantly cleaner engines with a consequent increase in engine life and efficiency.


Excellent low temperature properties


  • More fluid and versatile than 15W-30, 15W40 and 20W-30 oils at low temperature providing good year-round performance.


Cold hydraulic performance


  • Good low temperature fluidity at cold start-up temperatures means less wear and improved hydraulic response.
Low volatility


  • Meets the most stringent of today’s engine oil volatility requirements with benefits from reduced oil consumption. Good fuel economy Low viscosity Spirax S4 TX can bring savings in fuel, without compromising on engine protection or increasing oil consumption.


Excellent gear protection


  • Superb protection for all transmissions, gears and bearings.


Good oxidation stability


  • Antioxidant additives provide protection against oxidation and deposit formation resulting in better protection and longer equipment life.
Excellent anti-corrosion properties
  • Excellent protection for all working parts.

Main Applications


Universal performance – suitable for many types of tractor transmission/hydraulic systems.
  • Oil immersed brakes
  • Powershift transmissions
  • Hydraulics
  • Power steering systems
  • Hydrostatic transmissions
  • Conventional gear drive systems


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