Shell Spirax S3 AM 80W-90


SHELL Spirax S3 AM 80W-90 Is a perfomance universal gear oil. SHELL Spirax S3 AM 80W-90 is a High performance, GL-4/5 Universal Gear Oil for MAN, ZF, MACK and Scania


Shell Spirax S3 AM 80W-90 is a true universal driveline oil designed for use in modern heavy duty axles and gearboxes offering the convenience of one transmission oil for the whole driveline. Specially optimised mineral base
oils and new additive technology improve lubrication of the drive train and potentially extend oil drain intervals. For e.g. MAN, ZF, MACK and Scania.



Performance, Features & Benefits


Universal gear oil formulation


  • The special formulation of Spirax S3 AM 80W-90 offers the convenience of one oil for both gearbox and axle application.
Longer oil drain capability


  • The advanced additive system in Spirax S3 AM 80W-90 has been recognised as being capable of extended oil drain intervals.


Longer gear life


  • Clear improvements in protection against wear helps prevent premature failures. High oxidation resistance also prevents damaging deposit formation in gearboxes & axles.


Low Chlorine formulation


  • Shell Spirax S3 AM 80W-90 uses a modern low chlorine formulation resulting in improved recyclability.


Main Applications


  • HD automotive transmissions and axles Heavily loaded axle drives, synchronised and non-synchronised
    heavy duty gearboxes.


Universal driveline applications


  • Shell Spirax S3 AM 80W-90 has been developed to exceed the latest API oil specifications making it suitable for application in a wide range of heavy duty and passenger car applications.


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