Spirax S3 AD 80W-90

Axle Oil

Shell Spirax S3 AD 80W-90 is an extreme-pressure lubricant containing multi-functional additives which impart good
anti-wear, oxidation stability and anti-rust characteristics. It is suitable for gear applications presenting load-speed
conditions of extreme severity, such as medium and low speed spur or helical gear units, spiral-bevel and hypoid axle
units as well as extended drain capabilities.

Performance, Features & Benefits
Longer oil drain capability
Higher reserves of additives ensure long-term protection of gears. Longer oil life, as a result of higher oxidation stability
and lower running temperatures, also leads to extended oil drain intervals.

Longer gear life
Clear improvements in protection against wear helps prevent premature failure. High oxidation resistance also prevents
damaging deposit formation in axles.

Comprehensive components
Specially selected additives impart good anti-wear especially at high operating temperature conditions, oxidation stability,
anti-rust characteristics and yellow metal compatibility.


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