Shell Running-in Oil S.7294 SAE 30


Running- in and protective Oil for Diesel Engines




  • Shell Running-in Öil S.7294 can be used for all diesel engines, e.g. vehicles and stationary engines (engines, ship, rail, auxiliary), even in the highest performance class. The improved and shortened running – in saves on test bed cost and assures trouble free services. During the running-in the engine should be loaded up rapidly. The simultaneous protective action proves that no extra run with rust protection oil has to be performed. Due to its double characteristics (running-in and rust protection) . the oil is not suitable for continuous full load
    service during later use. But it can be used for emergency / auxiliary devices where the engines is being shut down for longer times after short time of service.




  • ell Running-in Öil S.7294 has been developed for improved and shortened run in as well as internal rust protection of new and rebuilt diesel engines. It fulfils the requirements of the technical delivery specification of the German
  • Army (Technischen Lieferbedingungen des BWB Spezifikationen).


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