Shell Rotella DD+ 40


Shell Rotella DD+ 40 Is a 2-stroke engine oil. Shell Rotella DD+ 40 is a Two-stroke heavy duty Diesel Engine Oil.


Shell Rotella DD+ Oil 40 is a high performance, heavy duty engine oil designed specifically for all two-stroke diesel
engines manufactured by Detroit Diesel Corporation.


Performance, Features & Benefits


Low ash technology
  • Reduced risk of valve distress and build-up of combustion chamber deposits. Meets requirements of Detroit Diesel for valve seat deposit control.
High thermal and oxidative stability


  • Maintains excellent standard of engine cleanliness.
Excellent protection


  • Against corrosion. Less risk of scuffing and accelerated wear.
Advanced detergent technology


  • Long term deposit control and retention of TBN.
Shear stable SAE 40 & 50 monograde
  • Complete lubrication in all critical areas.

Main Applications

Detroit Diesel two-stroke engines
  • Suitable for all Detroit Diesel two-stroke engines,
    in all applications including ‘149’ engines used in
    mine haul trucks.
Certain 4-cycle engines
  • Can be used in certain 4-cycle engines in off-highway applications.


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