Shell Rimula R3 10W


Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil


Shell Rimula R3 oil adapts to driving needs to provide extra protection. Its active-detergent system keeps pistons and other engine parts clean, provides protection against wear for long engine life and against deposits for efficient performance.


Performance, Features & Benefits



Equipment manufacturer acceptance


  • Shell Rimula R3 monogrades are approved for use in a variety of engine application by leading OEMs.
High standard of piston cleanliness


  • The high thermal stability and oil oxidation resistance provide a high standard of piston cleanliness.


Low engine wear and long component life


  • Overall engine cleanliness contributes to low engine wear, long component life, maintenance of power output, more operational stability and lower servicing costs.


Main Applications

Dedicated diesel engine oil performance


  • Shell Rimula R3 monogrades have been formulated to provide robust engine performance in a variety of offhighway applications or older on-highway diesel vehicles.


Construction industry application


  • Engine oil technology is sometimes specified for use in transmission and hydraulic applications. Shell Rimula R3 monogrades offer premium performance and protection for these applications.


Stationary equipment


  • Shell Rimula R3 monogrades are suitable for certain stationary equipment, such as pumps, that run continuously under steady state conditions.


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