Shell Refrigeration Oil S4 FR-V 100


Shell Refrig S4 FR-V 100 Is a synthetic refrigeration Oil. Shell Refrig S4 FR-V 100 is an Advanced Synthetic Refrigerator Compressor Lubricant.


Shell Refrigeration Oil S4 FR-V is a synthetic refrigeration lubricant based on alkylated benzenes. It offers a universal solution to the lubrication requirements of most refrigeration compressors and is compatible with all commonly used refrigerants with the exception of HFCs.


Performance, Features & Benefits


System efficiency


  • Shell Refrigeration Oil S4 FR-V has high solvency and is designed to maintain refrigerant cleanliness and efficiency.


Extended maintenance intervals ·


Shell Refrigeration Oil S4 FR-V has excellent high temperature and oxidation stability providing long service life even where high compressor discharge temperatures are found.
In addition it is formulated to provide excellent control of deposit and sludge formation resulting in extended oil drain intervals in comparison with mineral oil based refrigerator oils


Main Applications


Refrigerator compressors

Shell Refrigeration Oil S4 FR-V is recommended for use in open, semi-open and hermetic compressors in domestic, commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. It can be used in both rotary and reciprocating compressor types.


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