Shell Omala S4 WE 220


SHELL Omala S4 WE 680 Is an Advanced Synthetic Industrial Gear Oil.


Shell Omala S4 we is an advanced synthetic heavy duty industrial gear oil offering outstanding lubricationperformance under severe operating conditions, including reduced friction, long service life and hig h resistance to micro-pitting for optimal gear protection.


Performance, Features & Benefits


Long oil life – maintenance saving
  • Shell Omala S4 WE is formulated using an advanced additive system in combination with specially selected synthetic base fluids to provide outstanding resistance to breakdown over long duration and/or high temperature operation.
  • Shell Omala S4 WE can operate successfully at bulk temperatures up to 1200 C.
  • Shell Omala S4 WE offers the potential to significantly extend service intervals compared to conventional industrial gear oils.


Excellent wear and corrosion protection


  • Shell Omala S4 WE is formulated to have excellent load carrying capacity and micro-pitting performance providing long component life even under shock loading conditions.
  • These features provide benefits over mineral oil-based products in terms of gear and bearing component life.
  • Shell Omala S4 WE also has excellent corrosion protection, even in the presence of contamination by water and solids.


Maintaining system efficiency


  • Shell Omala S4 WE can help maintain or enhance the efficiency of industrial gear systems through improved low temperature performance and lower friction in comparison to mineral oil-based products. This provides better lubrication at low start-up temperatures.


Main Applications


Wind turbines and other inaccessible installations


  • Shell Omala S4 WE is particularly recommended for certain systems where extra long life is required, maintenance is infrequent or systems are inaccessible.


Enclosed industrial gear systems


  • Recommended for industrial reduction gear systems operating under severe operating conditions, such as high load, very low or elevated temperatures and wide temperature variations.


Other applications


  • Shell Omala S4 WE oils are suitable for lubrication of bearings and other components in circulating and splash-lubricated systems.
  • For geared systems, or other applications that employ a filtration unit finer than 5 microns, please consult your Shell Local Technical Advisor and Product Application Specialist before using Shell Omala S4 WE .
  • For highly loaded worm drives the Shell Omala “W” series oils are recommended. For automotive hypoid gears, the appropriate Shell Spirax Oil should be used.


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