Shell Nerita Grease HV

Synthetic high-speed bearing grease


Shell Nerita Grease HV is a very high performance grease specially designed for the lubrication of heavily loaded, high-speed bearings. It is based on a blend of Shell XHVI synthetic base oil, a lithium soap thickener and carefully selected additives. Shell Nerita Grease HV is recommended for use where conventional greases are inadequate in anti-wear and extreme-pressure properties or in their oxidation resistance. In bearing applications considerably extended regreasing intervals can be achieved.




  • Shell Nerita Grease HV is specially designed for the lubrication of heavily loaded high-speed
    grease bearings and recommended, particularly, for applications where conventional greases are inadequate in their anti-wear, extreme-pressure or oxidation resistance performance.
  • Lead-free Shell Nerita Grease HV is the ideal choice for life time filled high-speed bearings.


Performance Features


Good oxidation and mechanical stability


  • Resists the formation of deposits caused by oxidation at high operating temperatures and maintains consistency, reducing leakage


Excellent wear protection
Wide operating temperature
Long operational life
Heavy load capability
Lead and nitrite free
  • For safe handling
Good oil separation


  • Effective and reliable performance


Very low starting torque in cold conditions


Operating Temperature Range


  • Suitable over a wide temperature range from -30°C to a peak of +130°C.


Re-greasing intervals


  • For bearings operating near their maximum recommended temperatures, re-greasing intervals should be reviewed


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