Shell Diala Cable Oil


Shell Diala Cable Oil Is a high performance electrical insulating oil.


  • Shell Diala Cable Oil is a high performance electrical insulating oil manufactured from alkylbenzenes.



  • Shell Diala Cable Oil is recommended for use as impregnant in high voltage hollow core cables and capacitors.



  • It is also recommended for electrical bushes where the application demands a high level of gas absorption.


Advice on applications not covered in this leaflet may be obtained from your Shell Representative.


Performance Features and Advantages

  •  System protection

    Shell Diala Cable Oil is non-corrosive towards copper, without the need for passivation.


  •  Reliable operation


The outstanding gas absorption properties of the oil makes it particularly reliable in all applications where the oil is exposed to high electrical field stress and compact design


Specification and Approvals


Shell Diala Cable Oil meets the following specifications:


  • IEC 60867 Class I (Alkylbenzenes)


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