Shell Advance VSX 2 (undyed, prediluted)


Synthetic Based Motorcycle 2 Stroke engine oil


Shell Advance VSX 2 is a synthetic based lubricant specifically designed for excellent engine protection and performance in 2-stroke motorcycle engines. It guarantees superior control against exhaust system blocking and
minimises exhaust smoke. Shell Advance VSX 2 is suitable both for all oil-injection and premix systems and exceeds the requirements of leading manufacturers.


Performance, Features & Benefits

  • Excellent engine protection and cleanliness


The formulation is carefully balanced and specifically tested in 2-stroke engines to prevent scuffing, ring sticking and deposit formation. The engine life is prolonged and the original performance level maintain

  • Superior control against exhaust system blocking


The formulation prevents exhaust system deposits keeping
engine performance at the original level.

  • Minimised exhaust smoke


The high amount and carefully selected polyisobutylenes,
as carefully balanced components, minimise exhaust
smoke, reducing the environmental impact.

  • Superior engine efficiency and power

The beneficial burning characteristics allow fast adaptation
to new driver requirements improving acceleration
performances and increasing power output.

  • Very good self mixing properties


Shell Advance VSX 2 contains a hydrocarbon diluent and it
can therefore be used both in oil injection systems fitted to
modern 2-stroke motorcycles and in premix systems.


Main Applications


  • All 2-stroke motorcycle engines with oil injection or premix system·
  • Recommended for high-performance air and water cooled 2-
    stroke engines·
  • Shell Advance VSX 2 should not be used in outboard
    engines. The appropriate Shell Nautilus Oil is recommended
    for this application.


Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations


  • · JASO FC
  • ·ISO-L-EGD


Shell Advance VSX 2 meets the requirements of all leading motorcycle manufacturers.
For a full listing of equipment approvals and recommendations, please consult your local Shell Technical Help Desk.


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