Shell Advance Racing M 30


Shell Advance Racing M 30 Is a a high performance oil for 2+4 stroke engines.


Castor-based Racing Oil


  • Shell Advance Racing M is a castor-based racing oil with synthetic components. It has been developed especially for 2-stroke karts. It is also recommended for 4-stroke speedway motorcycles and other engines burning alcohol.


  • Shell Advance Racing M is a race proven technology (kart sport world championship).


Performance, Features & Benefits


Ultimate engine protection


Exceptional protection in the most severe racing conditions even at the highest revving condition of 2-stroke karts. The unique formulation based on castor oil and synthetic components specifically tested for 2-stroke racing engines
prevents scuffing, ring sticking and deposit formation making the engine reliable while maximising power output.


  • Improved acceleration and power output ·


The easy of burning allows fast adaptation to new driver requirements improving acceleration performance and power output. Also the very low ash content minimises spark plug fouling keeping their efficiency high.



Main Applications

  • 2-stroke karts with very high revving 2-stroke racing engines ·
  • 4-stroke speedway motorcycles ·
  • Racing engines burning alcohol mixture


  • Shell Advance Racing M is not ideally suited for “on road use”. Advance Ultra 2 or VSX 2 or Scooter Plus 2 or Scooter 2 are the preferred grades for “on-road” 2-stroke engines.


  • Shell Advance Racing M is non-diluted therefore it is suggested to use it in premixing system with a mixing ratio of 1:16 for karts and 1:25 for motorcycles unless otherwise recommended by engine manufacturer.


  • Shell Advance Racing M should not be used in outboard engines. The appropriate Shell Nautilus Oil is recommended for this application.

Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations


  • Shell Advance Racing M is approved by FIM/FIA-CIK and it has been kart sport world championship. It meets SAE J 300 30 viscosity grade requirements.For a full listing of equipment approvals and recommendations, please consult your local Shell Technical Help Desk.


Compatibility & Miscibility




Castor-based oils like Shell Advance Racing M must never be mixed with conventional mineral oils.


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