Q8 Brahms XVO

Q8 Brahms XVO Is a modern alternative to vanishing oil


Q8 BRAHMS XVO is a modern alternative to vanishing oil with a high flash point. It is manufactured from a highly refined mineral oil
combined with a chlorine and sulphur free lubricating additive.


• Q8 Brahms XVO is recommended for light duty forming and high speed punching of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It is also suitable for general press work on ferrous metals, where minimal residue is required. Typical applications are motor laminations, electrical
components, components for plating, white goods etc.The oil film formed by Q8 Brahms XVO is reinforced by a highly efficient boundary
lubrication additive package. It has excellent wetting and spreading properties, which gives immediate coverage to the punch, die and
work-piece. There are no harmful fogging or unpleasant odours from Q8 Brahms XVO. It offers good protection against rust and
corrosion and, dependant on atmospheric conditions, the product will evaporate to leave minimal residue.


• First choice for high speed punching and forming operations for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
• Non staining on ferrous metals
• Minimum in tool wear
• Evaporates on standing
• Excellent wetting and spreading properties
• High flash point


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