Q8 Berlioz XMA

Q8 Berlioz XMA Is a semi-synthetic water-mixed cooling lubricant

Q8 BERLIOZ is a range of soluble metalworking grades which are developed to be Formaldehyde free, TRGS 611 compliant, chlorine free, secondary amine free and tolerant to both hard and soft water.


Q8 Berlioz XMA is a multipurpose, semi-synthetic, water mix cutting fluid with synthetic lubricity enhancers designed for medium to
difficult duty machining. The lubrication characteristics at the tool tip chip interface, helps prevent built up edge.
The product is designed to keep machines extremely clean throughout the coolant life with no sticky residues deposited on machine parts.
When mixed with water it forms a white opaque emulsion that is completely stable and long lasting.
The biostable properties mean that the emulsion does not degrade or produce bad odours, and the emulsion needs little or no

Q8 Berlioz XMA is specifically designed for use in modern high flow machining centres, where high foaming may be a problem, especially in soft water areas.
Q8 Berlioz XMA does not contain free DEA, added chlorine, sulphur, cresols, phenols or nitrites.


• This product is recommended for CNC machines, Machining Centres, Flexible Manufacturing Systems and all centralised systems. The
product is suitable for a wide range of materials including cast iron, stainless steel, high tensile steel, yellow metals, aluminium alloys,
and titanium.
• Reference should be made to the relevant Q8 Material Safety Data Sheet before use.
Features and Benefits
• Free from Nitrites, Formaldehyde Release Biocides, Chlorine, Secondary Amines,
• TRGS 611 Compliant,
• Excellent multifunctional cutting fluid,
• Suitable for difficult to machine metals,
• Developed for very soft water areas where foaming is an issue,
• Outstanding cleanliness when machining cast iron,
• Biostable emulsion for long sump life with no bad odours,
• Easily maintained, has excellent filterability and is especially suitable for centralised systems


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