Q8 Berlioz XCM

Q8 Berlioz XCM Is a biostable semi-synthetic water soluble fluid

Biostable semi-synthetic water soluble fluid for metal cutting and grinding

Q8 BERLIOZ is a range of soluble metalworking grades which are developed to be formaldehyde free, TRGS 611 compliant, chlorine free,
secondary amine free and tolerant to both hard and soft water. Please refer to each product data sheet.


Q8 Berlioz XCM is a biostable, medium mineral oil content, soluble fluid which when mixed with water forms translucent micro-emulsions.
This product is especially suitable for use in hard water (400ppm, >40 degrees F, >22 degrees H) and is particularly stable against bacteria
and fungi growth due to its biological stability. The formulation is both chlorine free and secondary amine free, has good rust and corrosion
protection even when used at low concentrations. Q8 Berlioz XCM is inhibited against copper alloys corrosion.

Q8 Berlioz XCM has good detergency and lubricity and is especially formulated for use in hard waters.


• Q8 Berlioz XCM is a soluble fluid specifically formulated for the machining of cast iron, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. It is particularly
suitable for applications from light to medium severe conditions, such as milling, turning and drilling, it is also suitable for the grinding of steels.
• Reference should be made to the relevant Q8 Material Safety Data Sheet before use.

Features and Benefits

• Free from Nitrites, Formaldehyde Release Biocides, Chlorine, Secondary Amines
• TRGS 611 Compliant
• General purpose semi synthetic
• Hard water tolerant
• Easily maintained, has excellent filterability


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