Petronas Syntium Racer X1 10W-60

Petronas Syntium Racer X1 10W-60 Is a fully synthetic lubricant.


Syntium Racer X1 is the lubricant created out of the many years of experience of Petronas in F1 and top-level
motoring competitions. Years of successes, Research & Development and track and road tests make Syntium Racer
X1 the ideal product for very high power competition cars and sport saloons.


Its new-generation fully synthetic formulation demonstrates Petronas’ commitment and passion in the development of futuristic technologies, capable of meeting the needs of modern, very high performance engines:

  • Maximum development of power and lasting performance levels;
  • Total engine protection in extreme conditions of use;
  • Specific protection against wear for competition, tuned or very high power engines;
  • Reduction of oil consumption even at high rpm and temperature.

Syntium Racer X1 is the lubricant developed to meet the requirements of both the enthusiast, seeking reliability
and power, and of competition drivers who demand the utmost of their engines during extreme driving sessions.


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