Petronas Arbor Power Cut Bio


Petronas Arbor Power Cut Bio Is a biodegradable lubricant specifically for saw chains.



Biodegradable lubricant specifically for saw chains.


> With its special bio-vegetable formulation Power Cut Bio can boast over 90% biodegradability which means high protection of the environment in which it is used preventing contamination. This level of biodegradability has been certified through the CEC-L-33-A-93 method.
>>Power Cut Bio is part FL Selenia’s “Zero Impact Trend” project aimed at the research and experimentation of lubricants with a low environmental impact.
>>Besides its biodegradable features Power Cut Bio also possesses the following high performance characteristics as chainsaw oil. Excellent adherence capability on the blade and chain which helps to prevent dripping and seizing.
>>High thermal stability that makes it suitable for all environmental and operating conditions (even the toughest).
>> Outstanding cooling capability to prevent overheating the chain.
>> Power Cut offers total antirust protection of the blade and chain against the action of the weather and antiwear
properties to ensure longer life of blade sharpness and of the chain itself.


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