Petronas Arbor Alfatech Synt 10W-40


Petronas Arbor Alfatech Synt 10W-40 Is a multigrade engine oil for high performance tractors.



Multigrade engine oil formulated with synthesis technology that warrants top performance levels of new-generation tractors, farm machines and earthmoving machinery.


The synthesis technology and viscosimetric grade, combined with exceeding the maximum international specifications, API CH4 and ACEA E5, make Alfatech Synt 10W-40 an engine oil with unique features and performance levels among the specific engine oils for tractors, farm machines and earthmoving machinery.

> Synthesis technology allows Alfatech Synt 10W-40 to preserve its outstanding performance features unchanged over a longer period of time than a standard engine oil which last until it is changed and consist of:
– maintaining stable viscosimetric characteristics;
– maximum reduction of lubricant consumption;
– high cleansing of the lubricated mechanical components.
>> Among other things, compliance with API CH4 and ACEA E5 specifications, helps the new generation engines to meet the stringent limits imposed by international standards in terms of emissions. The fulfilment of these standards is obtained through effective control of the thickening caused by the particular combustion features of
low-emission engines, especially the formation of soot.
>> Its special formulation also makes it possible to lengthen the interval between changes. ADVICE ON USE
The SAE 10W-40 viscosimetric grade allows Alfatech Synt 10W-40 to warrant the above performance levels in a
broader environment temperature range than engine oils with standard features (15W-40). In fact,Alfatech Synt 10W-40 can be used all year round. Replace according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


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