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Product Description



Mobilgear OGL 007 is  high performance advanced technology lubricants which incorporate both extreme pressure additives and finely dispersed graphite for load carrying. They are intended primarily for the lubrication of large, slow to medium speed, heavily loaded gears. In addition to providing outstanding load carrying, they are formulated to have excellent adhesion and resistance to “fling-off” under extreme conditions.Mobilgear OGL 007 is re easily pumped from drums to application spray nozzles with conventional transfer pumps.The soft consistency and the low temperature properties of Mobilgear OGL 007, is  suited to spray applications operating under a wide variety of conditions. Mobilgear OGL 007, is  formulated with a carefully specified quality of finely dispersed graphite which contributes significantly to wear prevention under the boundary lubrication conditions found in the high load / slow speed operations typical of large open gearing.


Features and Benefits


Mobilgear OGL 007 is leading members of the Mobilgear brand of products that enjoy a worldwide reputation for performance and innovation. Developed by ExxonMobil research scientists and backed by a worldwide technical support staff, Mobilgear OGL 007  have provided excellent protection and performance in large open gearing in a wide variety of industrial applications.Mobilgear OGL
007 was developed to meet the requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the needs of customers who prefer to use a soft to semi-fluid grease for heavily loaded, slow to medium speed open gearing. A critical need for products of this type is to separate the heavily loaded gear teeth and avoid surface wear and damage. Mobilgear OGL 007 is  formulated with a specific quality of finely dispersed graphite which has been shown by our researchers to contribute significantly to the elastohydrodynamic (EHL) film thickness under the high load / slow speed conditions typical of large open gearing.




Mobilgear OGL 007 is  designed for the lubrication of large, slow to medium speed, heavily loaded gears in heavy-duty applications.Mobilgear OGL 007 is  conveniently applied by spray on gear teeth.Mobilgear OGL 461 is also suitable to prime the surfaces of newly assembled open gears in order to provide lubrication during initial turning.The Mobilgear OGL Series is used in a wide variety of industrial sectors including


  • Mining industries, including those that operate at high temperatures, for example, ring gears on cement
    kilns and ball mills
  • Steel, cement, paper and chemical applications

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