Mobil Mobilube S 80w-90


Multi-Purpose Drivetrain Lubricant


Product Description


MobilubeTM S 80W-90 is an extra high performance drivetrain lubricant engineered to provide excellent lubrication for state-of-the-art, heavy duty manual transmission components used in on-highway commercial vehicles and cars. Potential benefits include excellent shifting performance, good low temperature fluidity, and high temperature viscosity retention. Mobilube S 80W-90 provides API GL-4/5 level performance.


Features and Benefits


Today’s technology has vastly improved the performance capabilities of on-highway vehicles in terms of load, speed, and control through inno-drivetrain designs. These designs have increased the requirements of components and lubricants to deliver a higher level of performance. For heavy-duty applications, friction control, wear reduction, thermal stability, shear stability, rust and corrosion inhibition, and seal protection are features that must be optimally balanced to contribute to long gear and synchroniser life, smooth shift control, fuel economy, and high load capability over a wide range of applications. Mobilube S 80W-90 delivers outstanding performance in current as well as older units.



Recommended by ExxonMobil for use in: 


  • Cars, on highway light and heavy duty trucks, busses, and vans
  • Heavy duty automotive type drivetrains where API GL-4/GL-5 level performance is required

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