Mobilsol PM

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MOBIL MOBILSOL PM is a Synthetic Based Cleaner for Lubrication Systems.


Product Description

Mobilsol PM is a highly detergent and dispersant synthetic fluid which, when added to the oil in hydraulic, paper machine or general circulation systems, will help to release and hold in suspension gummy oil oxidation products and insoluble materials. Efficient clean up of the system from deposits accumulated with time in reservoirs and pipework can therefore be achieved leading to the recovery of the system original operating efficiency and to improved equipment protection.


Mobilsol PM should be used in accordance with the following instructions or recommendation should be sought from Mobil technical service:

Introduce Mobilsol PM into a contaminated system progressively in 1% increments based on the total volume of system, (maximum to be used 4%).

Circulate dirty lubricant / Mobilsol PM mixture for 3-10 working days whilst regularly checking the condition of all filters. Additional filtration equipment may be required when proper operation of the system could be affected by the release of high amounts of deposits. Oil condition monitoring can be of assistance to monitor the level of deposits being picked up in the oil.

Drain the system whilst hot and flush with a small volume (10% of the system volume or less) of the new product being introduced.

Replace all filters and cartridges etc. and fill up with the new circulation oil.

Where pump or bearing manufacturers specify a maximum viscosity for a particular operation, the change in viscosity caused by the addition of Mobilsol PM should be calculated from blending tables. In some cases it may be necessary to blend Mobilsol PM with a lower viscosity oil before adding it to the fluid in use.


Do not use Mobilsol PM in N C machine tools or servo valve systems without special engineering consideration. In any systems incorporating sensitive servo control valves even very small particles of dirt introduced with the solvent/fluid mixture or dislodged by it may interfere with the valve operation. Cleaning hydraulic systems incorporating servo valves must be carried out strictly in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.

Mobilsol PM is recommended for use for the following applications:


  • Clean up of oil circulation systems in service: paper machine lubrication systems, hydraulic systems, open heating systems operating below 140°C, general circulation systems lubricating gears and bearings.
  • In closed heating systems, maximum operating temperatures of the fluid are dependent on the duration of exposure to higher temperatures (which can vary due to the design of the system, flow rates, etc). Please consult your original equipment manufacturer to ensure proper operation. In addition, the following conditions are recommended: 1) Maintain turbulent flow through the heater with Reynolds number greater than 10,000; 2) take steps (as directed by heater OEM) to avoid localised areas of high heat flux, which can lead to locally high skin temperatures in the heater causing thermal degradation of the fluid; 3) nitrogen blanketing to minimise exposure of the fluid to oxygen and formation of oxidised components.
  • Clean up by brush or dip of machine parts, gears, bearings



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