Mobilarma LT



Mobil Industrial, Germany


Mobilarma LT is a Rust Preventive


Product Description


Mobilarma Double Letter Series are a range of high performance rust preventives. The Mobilarma Series combines excellent corrosion protection and environmental awareness for a wide variety of applications, components and conditions.


Mobilarma LT is  based on a carefully selected high flash point solvents and modern, technically advanced corrosion inhibitors. The high flash point solvent has the affect of increasing coverage capacity meaning lower oil consumption. Mobilarma LT is free from added barium.





Mobilarma LT  is for a multi purpose rust preventative providing medium term protection of ferrous and alloy components during storage and transit. It is particularly suitable for the protection of highly machined precision parts where heavy films are not desirable.


Mobilarma LT is for general purpose rust preventative providing medium to long term protection of ferrous and alloy components. It is especially suited for the protection, during storage, of many types of spares e.g. engine components, automotive parts as well as extruded and machined surfaces. The protective film is very effective against acidic and other aggressive atmospheres.

Mobilarma LT is best applied by dipping but they can be flooded, sprayed or brushed on. Where necessary they can be removed by hydrocarbon solvents or suitable alkaline cleaners.


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