Mobil ATF 200


MOBIL ATF 200 is an Automatic Transmission Fluid.


Product Description


Mobil ATF 200 is formulated to function as a power transmission fluid in torque converters, a hydraulic fluid in control and servo systems, a lubricant for bearings and gears, a friction controlling medium for the bands and clutches and a heat transfer medium to carry heat generated in transmissions to the gear case or oil cooler.

Due to its high Viscosity Index Mobil ATF 200 undergoes relatively small changes in fluidity regardless of operating or ambient temperatures. This ensures excellent performance as a hydraulic medium giving good operation under high temperature conditions and minimum power losses under cold conditions. control system.


Features and Benefits

Mobil ATF 200 offers the following benefits:

  • Correct frictional characteristics give smooth transmission and perfect synchronisation, over a long period under continual severe operating conditions
  • Protection against deposit formation and evaporation losses at high operating temperatures with very good low temperature operation
  • Good protection against wear, resistance to rust, corrosion and foam
  • Compatible with seal materials used in transmission units
  • Low maintenance costs, and good operating profits



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