Megol Traktorenoel Universal STOU / UTTO



Universal oil that has been specially developed for agricultural machinery. It combines the properties of an outstaning engine oil and requirements of various tractor specifications for gearbox and axle transmissions, hydraulic systems, turbo couplings and submersible brakes (wet brakes),all ideally tailored to the needs of agricultural machinery. A true “all-round oil” for agricultural operations which meets the most important requirements for STOU and UTTO.


Specifications and approvals:

ACEA E2 ∙ API SF ∙ API CF-4 ∙ API GL4 ∙ Allison C4 ∙ Cater-
pillar TO-2

Meguin also recommends this product for vehicles that are subject to the following specifications: 

Case (IHC) MS 1209 ∙ CASE New Holland MAT 3526 ∙ CASE New Holland MAT 3525 ∙ Ford New Holland M2C 134-D ∙ Ford New Holland M2C 159-B ∙ Ford New Holland M2C 159- C ∙ John Deere J27 ∙ John Deere J20C ∙ Massey-Ferguson M1135 ∙ Massey-Ferguson M1139 ∙ Massey-Ferguson M1143 ∙ Massey-Ferguson M1144 ∙ New Holland 82009201 ∙ New Holland 82009202 ∙ New Holland 82009203 ∙ ZF TE- ML 06B ∙ ZF TE-ML 06A ∙ ZF TE-ML 07B


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