Megol Hypoid-Getriebeoel TDL SAE 80W-90



Multi-grade gearbox oil for universal use. It satisfies practically all the requirements that modern commercial vehicles, in particular, place on lubricants for the entire power train. As TDL (total drive line) gearbox oil, it is ideal for lubricating all drive elements, from heavy duty synchronised and non-synchronised manual gearboxes to hypoid-meshed axle drives. By reducing the varieties and eliminating the risk of confusion it makes a significant contribution to rationalisation in a modern motor pool. Reducing friction by its perfect viscosity setting helps to increase fuel economy.

Specifications and approvals:

API GL4 ∙ API GL5 ∙ API MT-1 ∙ MAN 341 Typ E2 ∙ MAN 341
Typ Z2 ∙ MAN 342 Typ M2 ∙ MB-Approval 235.0 ∙ ZF TE-ML
02B ∙ ZF TE-ML 05A ∙ ZF TE-ML 12L ∙ ZF TE-ML 12M ∙ ZF
TE-ML 16B ∙ ZF TE-ML 17H ∙ ZF TE-ML 19B ∙ ZF TE-ML
21A ∙ ZF approval number ZF001183


Meguin also recommends this product for vehicles that are subject to the following specifications:
DAF ∙ Eaton ∙ Scania STO 1:0 ∙ Volvo (Achsen) ∙ MIL-PRF
2105 E ∙ MIL-L 2105 D


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