Megol Getriebeoel CVT Dynamik



Megol CVT Dynamik is a high-performance automatic gearbox oil specially formulated to be used in the new CVT transmission generation. The basis of selected base oils and special additives offers the best possible protection against foaming, necessary in CVT transmissions. It also features a good ageing and oxidation stability. megol CVT Dynamik is tried and tested, especially in the Autotronic transmissions used in Mercedes A and B classes, and also in many different manufacturers’ continuously variable
automatic transmissions (among others also Audi Multitronic).

The instructions issued by the manufacturers are to be followed!

Meguin also recommends this product for vehicles that are subject to the following specifications:

Ford CVT23 ∙ Ford CVT30/MERCON C ∙ Honda HMMF ∙
Jeep NS-2 ∙ Jeep CVTF+4 ∙ MB 236.20 ∙ Mini Cooper (EZL
7/99) ∙ Mitsubishi CVTF-J1 ∙ Mitsubishi CVTF-J4 ∙ Nissan
CVT NS-2 Fluid ∙ Subaru NS-2 ∙ Suzuki CVT Green1 ∙ Su-
zuki NS-2 ∙ Suzuki TC ∙ Toyota TC ∙ Subaru Lineartronic
CVTF ∙ VW G 052 180 ∙ VW G 052 516 ∙ Dodge NS-2 ∙ Dodge
CVTF+4 ∙ GM/Saturn DEX-CVT


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