Klüber Wolfrakote Top Paste


Klüber Wolfrakote Top Paste is a grey high-temperature paste


Benefits for your application


– Reliable dry lubrication at high to extreme temperatures
– Prevents seizure of e.g. bolts and hinges
– Tried-and-tested long-term ladle dressing during casting of nonferrous metals




WOLFRAKOTE TOP PASTE is a grey high-temperature paste based on high-quality hydrocarbon oils and temperatureresistant solid lubricants. At “normal temperatures” WOLFRAKOTE TOP PASTE is an efficient high-pressure lubricating and assembly paste showing high adhesive strength on metals. At permanently high temperatures the solid lubricants contained in WOLFRAKOTE TOP PASTE remain in the friction contact area and counteract adhesive wear due to seizing or material transfer.




WOLFRAKOTE TOP PASTE has proven effective for the initial lubrication of chains at high temperatures. It can also be used for the lubrication of screws, bolts and hinges exposed to extreme temperatures. In casting of nonferrous metals WOLFRAKOTE TOP PASTE is used as a heat-activated dressing for pouring ladles, dies, mould gates and runners.


WOLFRAKOTE TOP PASTE is also suitable as a separating and assembly paste for die sets, ejectors, sliding cores and as a separating paste for electric heating cartridges in hot chamber casting machines.


Application notes


WOLFRAKOTE TOP PASTE adheres best in pre-cleaned surfaces which are free of grease, residues or separating layers formed by anticorrosion agents. After cleaning, apply a thin layer of WOLFRAKOTE TOP PASTE evenly across the entire surface  Close container immediately after use to avoid contamination of the paste.



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