Klüber Wolfracoat C Spray


Klüber Wolfracoat C Spray is a grey high-temperature lubricating paste


Benefits for your application


  • Easier assembly and disassembly of power-locking connections
  • Reliable lubrication under mixed-friction and high-load conditions owing to ageing-resistant solid lubricants




Wolfracoat C Spray is a grey high-temperature lubricating paste containing metal solid lubricant pigments (e.g. copper, graphite). Wolfracoat C Spray counteracts excessive friction, wear and seizing at lubricating points subject to high loads. Wolfracoat C Spray forms a thermally stable lubricating film. At temperatures above 200 °C, the solid lubricants remain in the friction points and protect against tribocorrosion and fretting of e.g. fits up to 1200 °C.




Wolfracoat C Spray is suitable for use as an assembly paste to lubricate power-locking connections and low-speed (plain) bearings subject to high temperatures. Typical applications are in power plants, the steel industry, cement manufacture and similar industrial areas.


Application notes


Prior to initial lubrication clean all friction points thoroughly and apply the product in an even, thin and extensive layer. Shake spray can well before use and provide for adequate ventilation while spraying. Do not spray against naked flame or onto hot or incandescent objects. Observe additional instructions for use in material safety data sheet and on can label.



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