Klüber Unisilkon TK M 1012


Klüber Unisilkon TK M 1012 is a high-temperature lubricating, sliding and sealing agent


Benefits for your application


  • High thermal stability
  • Good resistance to low temperatures
  • Resistant to ambient media
  • Good water resistance
  • Approved acc. to DIN EN 377 class E
  • Neutral towards EN 377 elastomers, e.g. SRE – NBR 1




UNISILKON TK M 1012 are lubricating, sliding and sealing agents based on silicone oil. They offer high thermal stability, are insoluble in water and resistant to many ambient media. UNISILKON TK M 1011 has been tested and approved according to DIN EN 377 class E, DIN-DVGW reg.-No. NG 5162AR0761.




UNISILKON TK M 1012 is used as lubricating, sliding and sealing agent for all types of gas burning installations including their accessory parts which are in contact with fuel gas, e.g. valves, taper plug valves, ball valves in cookers and heaters with a service temperature acc. to EN 377 of 0°C to 160°C and in context with fuel gases and gas mixtures such as natural gas and town gas, propane, butane acc. to DVGW worksheet G260. Lubricant for sealing elements, to increase sliding capacity and reduce abrasion e.g. in plastics taps. Press-in and mounting aid for O-rings, packings. Sliding and sealing paste e.g. for groundglass and taps in laboratories of the chemical industry.
Insulating agent for high dielectric breakdown strength in substations and switching stations to prevent arcing.


Application notes


Clean and degrease surfaces. Apply a thin layer to the entire surface by means of brush, spatula or cloth which does not fray.



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