Klüber Unisilkon TK 017/200THERM


Klüber Unisilkon TK 017/200THERM is a high-temperature lubricating oils for rolling, plain and sintered metal bearings


Benefits for your application


  • High thermal stability
  • Good low-temperature performance
  • Resistant to oxidation
  • Reisstant to ambient media
  • Resistant to ambient media




UNISILKON TK 017/200 THERM & UNISILKON TK 017/500 THERM are special silicone based special purpose fluids oils with excellent thermal stability, good low-temperature performance and resistance to oxidation. In addition, they exhibit low volatility having a low vapour pressure and are resistant to a wide range of ambient media.




UNISILKON TK 017/200 THERM & UNISILKONTK 017/500 THERM are used for the lubrication of rolling and plain bearings as well as for the impregnation of porous sintered metal bearings and sintered formed parts. Other applications:


  • Plastics and rubber industry: Separating agent for semifinished, finished parts. Preservative for elastomer
    materials to protect against brittleness and cracking.
  • Textile industry: Start up oil for gear pumps used in synthetic filament extrusion.
  • Precision engineering: Instrument and bearing oil.
  • Heat technology: Heat transfer fluids.


Application Notes


UNISILKON TK 017/200 THERM & UNISILKON TK 017/500 THERM can be applied via drip-feed, brush or centralized lubrication systems. Impregnation of sintered metal components is achieved via vacuum impregnation.



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