Klüber Unisilkon L 200


Klüber Unisilkon L 200 is a special lubricating grease for tap water and heating fittings


Benefits for your application

  • Good sealing effect
  • High thermal stability
  • High resistance to many aqueous solutions
  • Neutral towards many plastics and elastomers, e.g. ABS, PC, EPDM, NBR
  • Excellent resistance to cold and hot water, water steam
  • Certified acc. to DVGW-KTW and WRC




UNISILKON L 200 is a special lubricating grease based on silicone oil and PTFE. The product meets the legislative provisions of the German Health Authority governing the use of plastics and drinking water (DVGW-KTW). It is also approved by WRC (Water Research Centre), Great Britain.




UNISILKON L 200 is used for the lubrication of various components and materials in sanitary fittings like single-lever mixer taps, thermostatic mixer taps, shower switches, shower heads, swivel spouts. It is neutral towards most metals, thermoplastics and elastomers. Owing to the many different elastomer and plastic compositions their compatibility should be checked prior to series applications. Examples of materials in sliding contact: metal/plastic, plastic/plastic, ceramic/ceramic, ceramic/plastic. UNISILKON L 200 is resistant to cold and hot water, water steam up to approx. 130°C. UNISILKON L 200 is not resistant to most organic solvents such as strong acids and alkaline solutions.


Application notes


UNISILKON L 200 can be applied by means of spatula, brush, usual metering devices or the tampon printing method. Please observe the material safety data sheet.



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