Klüber Unisilkon GLK 112


Klüber Unisilkon GLK 112 is a special grease for Bowden cables, seals and plastics


Benefits for your application


  • Good low-temperature characteristics and wide service temperature range
  • Good compatibility with elastomers and plastics
  • Good wetting of functional surfaces




UNISILKON GLK 112 ensures smooth running of components at low temperatures and is at the same time resistant to high temperatures. It is based on silicone oil and a special lithium soap. The product is compatible with many different elastomers (but not silicone rubber) and plastics. Approval VW TL 767 X.




UNISILKON GLK 112 is primarily used for the lubrication of rubber/metal, plastic/metal or plastic/plastic friction pairings. Possible applications are in slideways, seals (also EPDM), Bowden cables. In such applications, UNISILKON GLK 112 reduces friction, prevents squeaking noises and forms a protective layer against atmospheric attack on rubber and plastics. UNISILKON GLK 112 can be used in many components where lifetime lubrication is required.


Application notes


The lubricant is applied by spatula, brush or grease gun. Owing to the many compositions of elastomers and plastics, compatibility with such materials should be tested prior to series application. To attain optimum adhesion, we recommend cleaning the friction points prior to application and remove in particular any oil or grease.



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