Klüber Unimoly HTC Metallic


Klüber Unimoly HTC Metallic is a high-temperature lubricating and assembly paste containing graphite and metal


Benefits for your application


– Ensures easy disassembly even after the influence of high temperatures
– High pressure absorption capacity
– Prevents stick slip
– Meets the requirements set forth by automobile manufacturers
– Also available as spray (UNIMOLY HTC METALLIC Spray, art. No. 081047)




UNIMOLY HTC METALLIC is a high-temperature lubricating and assembly paste containing graphite and metal. It has a chemical composition of mineral oil, lithium soap and a solid lubricant mixture. Above a temperature of 150 °C the base oil evaporates and leaves a dry lubricating film. The paste contains no lead, nickel, sulphur, barium and halogens.




UNIMOLY HTC METALLIC is suitable as a high-temperature paste for screws, nuts and bolts. The resulting dry lubricant film makes it possible to disassemble these machine elements without any problems. In the pressure die casting industry this paste is used for the lubrication of ejector pins, core pullers and threaded connections. In the plastic processing industry UNIMOLY HTC METALLIC is used as a lubricant for heated extruder heads and screw-on nozzles. In addition, UNIMOLY HTC METALLIC has proven effective as an assembly paste for extrusion moulding dies and as a lubricant for spring washer components.


Application notes



Always apply UNIMOLY HTC METALLIC in a thin layer! Clean the friction point with a solvent and remove all residues and separating layers, such as corrosion protection agents, to ensure optimum adhesion of UNIMOLY HTC METALLIC, then apply the paste evenly across the entire surface. In the case of machine screws make sure that the paste is also applied to the underside of the screw head. Only if the thread and the lower surface of the screw head are coated with the lubricant will it be possible to obtain an optimum preload force during tightening and to disassemble the parts even when they were subject to high temperatures. For easier application use UNIMOLY HTC METALLIC Spray, the sprayable version of the paste. In the case of pressed connections it is important to apply only a very thin layer to the metal surfaces. When joining the connection excess paste will be forced out of the connection and might result in functional
defects of adjacent components if there is a possibility that the excess lubricant slings off.



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