Klüber Syntheso XOL 12


Klüber Syntheso XOL 12 is a synthetic textile machine oil for the lubrication of spinning and twisting rings


Benefits for your application


– Fully synthetic textile machine oil
– Resistant to oxidation
– Good corrosion protection
– High ageing resistance
– Low consumption
– Good wear protection
– Good viscosity-temperature behaviour




SYNTHESO XOL 12 is a light-coloured, clear oil based on ester offering a good viscosity-temperature behaviour. It is used for the impregnation of spinning and twisting rings.




SYNTHESO XOL 12 is used for the lubrication of porous sintered metal rings. The product impregnates and evenly wets the sintered metal lubrication points. The lubricating film reduces wear to a minimum. SYNTHESO XOL 12 reduces yarn tension and traveller wear thus contributing to a reliable and economical operation of the textile machine.


Application notes


Owing to the high performance of SYNTHESO XOL 12 minimum quantities are sufficient to impregnate the felts. Reimpregnation should only take place prior to careful de-oiling of felts. Turbidity of the oil before reaching the pour point is reversible and does not affect the product’s performance.


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