Klüber Syntheso W Spray


Klüber Syntheso W Spray is a lubricating wax with anticorrosive, Rust preventive and separating effect


Benefits for your application


– Versatile product for maintenance, lubrication and preservation
– Time-saving and clean application by means of spray can including spare spray nozzle and extension tube




SYNTHESO W Spray is a versatile separating, lubricating and sliding agent based on paraffin waxes of high molecular weight dissolved/dispersed in volatile hydrocarbons. SYNTHESO Spray forms a protective film resistant to salt water when dry.




SYNTHESO W Spray can be used for the maintenance, lubrication and preservation of tools, bearings, guides and chains in paper, textile or office machines, as well as in automotive engineering for joints, guides and seat rails, and many other applications. SYNTHESO W Spray is also suitable for use as a separating and lubricating wax on cutting knives in film stretchers, paper-making machinery and corrugators.


Application Notes


In order to attain a thin and uniform film, activate spray can only briefly. Keep can vertical and apply a thin film from approx. 20 cm. For higher spraying accuracy, use the spray nozzle complete with extension tube. Shake can well before spraying to prevent separation of component parts. Provide for adequate ventilation while spraying in order to prevent the propellant from forming explosive mixtures. Do not spray towards naked flames, incandescent or hot objects. Please observe additional application notes outlined in the material safety data sheet or on the product container.



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