Klüber Syntheso Proba 330


Klüber Syntheso Proba 330 is a grease for valves, fittings and plain bearings


Benefits for your application


– Good resistance to hot water and aqueous alkaline solutions
– Good ageing resistance
– Neutral towards many rubber-elastic materials




SYNTHESO PROBA 270 and 330 are greases based on polyalkylene glycol and barium soap thickener for applications subject to cold and hot water, e.g. in autoclaves and hightemperature dyeing installations.



  • For valves and fittings which are subject to cold and hot water and not in contact with tap water
  • For plain bearings to increase their sliding capacity and service life
  • Assembly aid for many rubber-elastic materials


SYNTHESO PROBA 270 grease is compatible with many rubber-elastic materials. The a.m. data are based on our current knowledge and experience. They were determined by means of sampling tests. Owing to the many different elastomer and grease compositions we recommend checking their compatibility on the complete component prior to series application.


Application notes


The lubricant can be applied by brush or spatula onto the clean and degreased surface.



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