Klüber Syntheso GLK 1 PF


Klüber Syntheso GLK 1 PF is a special lubricating greases for elastomers


Your benefits at a glance


– Proven effective for decades in numerous brake and clutch applications
– due to good compatibility with elastomers like EPDM
– based on many approvals and testimonials
– due to low friction values and good wear protection
– Noise prevented by special solid lubricant components


Your requirements – our solution


As a manufacturer of automotive brake and clutch systems you need a reliable lubricant which ensures smooth operation throughout the lifetime of your components. SYNTHESO GLK 1 PF is a tried-and-tested lubricant which shows good compatibility with standard EPDM and SBR elastomers, while at the same time reducing friction and wear. In addition, SYNTHESO GLK 1 PF helps reduce or prevent disturbing noise due to its precisely tuned composition.




SYNTHESO GLK 1 PF has been designed for the lubrication of elastomer – metal, plastic – metal, plastic – plastic as well as metal-metal sliding material combinations. The product is typically used in the automotive industry as assembly grease for plain bearings, mainly in brake and clutch systems for linear motion in contact with brake fluids DOT 3, 4 and 5.1. Application examples: guide bushes, bolts, EPDM and SBR seals, clutch master and slave cylinders, corrosion protection of brake shoe supports in disc brake calipers. In all such applications, SYNTHESO GLK 1 PF facilitates damage-free assembly and provides reliable long-term lubrication. It can also be used for the lubrication of plain bearings with low sliding velocities and for the lubrication of small plastic gears.


Application notes


A wear test should be carried out prior to using SYNTHESO GLK 1 PF in context with aluminium or aluminium alloys under dynamically high loads. Owing to the many different elastomer and plastic compositions we recommend checking their compatibility prior to series application. The possibility of a change in colour is inherent in this product concept. It has, however, no influence on product performance.



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