Klüber Sunit LO/F


Klüber Sunit LO/F is a punching fluid for magnetic steel sheets and thin sheets


Benefits for your application


– No cleaning of the punched parts necessary
– Welding of the parts without prior degreasing
– Long tool life due to minimized formation of burrs
– Extended regrinding intervals of the tools
– No sticking of the sheets




SUNIT 006 und SUNIT LO/F are punching fluids which do not have to be removed prior to subsequent machining as they evaporate at room temperature.




SUNIT 006 and SUNIT LO/F can be used for punching sheets made of steel, aluminum and copper alloys. Some typical applications are:


– punching of magnetic steel sheets
– punching of generator and transformer sheets, and of sheets for electric components
– punching of profiled sheets
– auxiliary for embossing and bending
– punching and forming of automobile radiator components
– auxiliary for the manufacture of steel sheet drums
– auxiliary for the rolling forming of e.g. house facades made of aluminum and steel sheet


Application Notes


SUNIT 006 and SUNIT LO/F can be applied by immersion, spraying or rolling. The layer should be as thin as possible; this can be controlled by stripping the product prior to entering the tool.



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