Klüber Summit Varnasolv


Klüber Summit Varnasolv Is a Concentrated, synthetic conditioner. Concentrated, synthetic conditioner for compressors, hydraulic systems, gears and other oil circulation systems


Benefits for your application


– Dissolves varnish and carbon deposits, thus reducing maintenance and cleaning costs – no dismantling of systems needed prior to cleaning
– Used during operation, no downtime of machines for cleaning
– Easy application due to the neutral behaviour towards seals, when added to the compressor oil on 1 to 10 basis
– Reduced operating and maintenance costs due to higher efficiency (e.g. compressor) and longer service life of the fresh oil fill



Klüber Summit Varnasolv is a concentrated conditioner fluid containing synthetic ester oil and cleaning additives. It is miscible with mineral oils, synthetic hydrocarbons, ester oils and polyglycols.




Klüber Summit Varnasolv has been especially designed for cleaning screw-type compressors, hydraulic systems, gears and  other oil circulating systems like calenders. The conditioner can be used for oils based on mineral oil, synthetic hydrocarbon, ester oil and polyglycol. Using mineral oils in oil-injected screw-type and sliding vane compressors may lead to varnish and carbon buildup in the entire oil circuit or form sticky residues on valves and hot surfaces in hydraulic systems. This often results in increased energy consumption, sticky valves, clogged oil lines and filters and increased downtime due to maintenance.


Klüber Summit Varnasolv is a concentrated conditioner fluid which dissolves varnish and carbon buildups during operation and keeps them suspended in the compressor oil. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to dismantle the system for cleaning. The oil containing the residues is completely drained before refilling the unit with fresh oil.


Application notes



Add Klüber Summit Varnasolv to the oil fill on 1 to 10 basis. Be sure to drain enough compressor oil to allow for the additional quantity. Let the unit continue operating for an additional 40 to 60 hours at an operating oil temperature of 70 – 80°C, if possible, to dissolve all varnish and carbon buildups or sticky residues. Drain the unit after max. 80 hours. Make sure the oil is also removed from tubes, filter housings and dead corners, because the used oil fill may severely affect the fresh oil. Then exchange filters and oil separators and refill the unit with the fresh oil.

Especially when using Klüber Summit Varnasolv in gears and other highly loaded units please take the viscosity and the wear
protection of the oil/Varnasolv mixture into consideration when adding Varnasolv to the oil fill. Your contact persons at Klüber Lubrication would be pleased to assist you in cleaning your machines with Klüber Summit Varnasolv.


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