Klüber Summit Ultima 68


Klüber Summit Ultima 68 Is a synthetic air compressor oil for oil change intervals up to 12,000 operating hours


Benefits for your application


– Low maintenance and operating costs due to extended oil change intervals up to 12,000 operating hours in oilinjected screw-type compressors
– Easy compressor oil conversion due to neutral behaviour of oils towards seals
– Low tendency to evaporation and thus low impact of the oil vapour on the compressed air
– Low formation of oxidation residues in the oil circuit, reduced operating costs due to extended oil filter and separator life



Klüber Summit Ultima oils are air compressor oils based on synthetic ester oil and special additives. These oils are also miscible with air compressor oils based on polyglycol. Klüber Summit Ultima oils offer excellent oxidation and ageing stability and show a good viscosity-temperature behaviour.



Klüber Summit Ultima oils have been especially designed for screw-type compressors subject to high loads. They are used for oil change intervals up to 12,000 operating hours in oilinjected screw-type compressors.

Klüber Summit Ultima oils can be used for compressors that were previously run with mineral oils. Klüber Summit Ultima oils are neutral towards most elastomer seals used in air compressors, therefore leakage is not to be expected.

Klüber Summit Ultima oils offer better oxidation stability than conventional synthetic oils due to the synthetic base oil content,
thus minimising oxidation residues in the compressors and extending oil change intervals and the service life of oil filters and separators. Special inhibitors contained in the oil keep the inside of compressors clean and ensure a high efficiency.

Owing to the evaporation stability of the base oil, the oil vapour content in the compressed air can be reduced several-fold
compared to conventional mineral oils. This contributes to a reduction of oil consumption and clean compressed air; it also helps to prevent the gumming of pneumatic valves in the compressed air circuit.


Application notes


When selecting the oil viscosity for air compressors please observe the manufacturers’ instructions.

When switching a used compressor to Klüber Summit Ultima oils, drain the old oil from the whole circuit while still warm. We  also recommend changing all oil filters and separators. Then refill the compressor with Klüber Summit Ultima oil.
When switching from a mineral or polyglycol oil to Klüber Summit Ultima oil please consider that the compressor may
contain oxidation residues in the form of blackened or contaminated oil. As such residues can affect the service life of the fresh Klüber Summit Ultima oil, the compressor should be cleaned using the Klüber Summit Varnasolv conditioner.
For further information, please consult the Klüber Summit Varnasolv product information leaflet or contact Klüber Lubrication.
After switching to a Klüber Summit Ultima oil we recommend determining the oil change interval through an oil analysis or the
Klüber Summit TAN Kit.


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