Klüber Summit RPS 52

Klüber Summit RPS 52 is a synthetic compressor oil based on polyglycol for ammonia refrigerating plants using dry evaporation.


Benefits for your application


– Low maintenance costs due to extended oil change intervals and reduced oil consumption
– Reliable operation of the compressor due to stable viscosity under the influence of refrigerants
– High efficiency of the refrigerating plants due to reduced oil deposits
– Low operating costs due to long service life of filters and oil separators
– Simplified system configuration as the product can be used with dry evaporation




Klüber Summit RPS 52 is a refrigeration compressor oil based on polyglycol which shows a good miscibility with ammonia. The synthetic base oil ensures good cold flow properties, a high chemical stability to ammonia and low tendency to evaporation.




Klüber Summit RPS 52 has been designed especially for the lubrication of screw-type compressors in refrigerating plants using ammonia (R 717) and dry evaporation. Unlike mineral oils and polyalphaolefins, Klüber Summit RPS 52 is miscible with ammonia, thus the oil entrained in the refrigeration cycle is recycled to the compressor together with the refrigerant. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to have oil catches in the refrigeration cycle, like in the case of nonmiscible oils. Especially in the evaporator of the refrigeration cycle such miscibility helps to reliably recycle the oil to the compressor at low evaporator temperatures.

Owing to the synthetic base oil of Summit RPS 52 oil carryover into the refrigeration cycle is much lower than with conventional mineral oils. Therefore, oil-related problems in the refrigeration cycle are prevented right from the beginning.

The base oil of Klüber Summit RPS 52 stands out for its stability to ammonia – the typical blackening of conventional mineral oils or deposits in the refrigeration cycle are prevented and oil change intervals can be extended considerably.

Our experience gained in practice has shown that Klüber Summit RPS 52 can be used for evaporating temperatures as low as -40°C depending on the operating conditions. Klüber Summit RPS 52 protects against wax-like deposits, thus increasing the efficiency of the refrigeration plant.


Application notes


Drain old oil from whole circuit of the refrigeration compressor while still warm. We recommend changing all oil filters and separators and draining the oil catches of the refrigeration cycle completely. Then recharge compressor with Klüber Summit RPS 52.

Klüber Summit RPS 52 is not miscible with mineral oils or polyalphaolefins. When switching from mineral oils to Klüber
Summit RPS 52, thoroughly flush and clean the compressor.

Klüber Lubrication would be pleased to provide further advice.

Klüber Summit RPS 52 is hygroscopic (water absorbing). The compressor should be filled rapidly and with care. Keep original container well closed during storage.


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